Is Church Boring?

Two years ago at Break Forth Canada I attended a seminar hosted by Brett Ullman on Faith, Media and Culture, and in this seminar I walked away with this quote: “Churches have become very vanilla. Everyone’s playing the same 10 songs, reading the same 10 books, and we are getting the same 10 sermons. If I hear happy day at another youth event I might explode. Change it up and engage the 70% of your congregation that’s bored.” And at the time I agreed with everything that he said, yet managed to fall victim to the same thing as I…


Why No One Cares about a Mug with Your Churches Name on it.

“If this is your first time visiting our church, fill out the connect card and bring it to the connect centre to exchange it for a free gift at the end of the service.” How many times have you gone to a church and heard a statement similar to that? Probably every Sunday at every church you’ve ever been to. And more than likely, the “free gift” that they gave you was a branded mug, tumbler, or other product. Did you know that most of these mugs end up in cupboards never to be seen again, or in the trash?…


How to be a Happy IEM User

Over the last 10 years there has been a slow, gradual shift to using In Ear monitors. The Church has struggled the most with this transition and it seems it goes slower and with more opposition. People are afraid of change, and most churches are pre-equipped with floor wedges, so “why change what isn’t broken?” I think this response comes from the notion of, “it outputs sound, therefore it works and requires no change.” From here on out I will refer to In Ear Monitors as IEM’s. Please note that these are my own opinions. I am not a trained…

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